Your Husband Has 5 Basic Needs That Prevent Divorce

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The key to a successful marriage is unselfishness. Not to the point where you lose yourself and stop following your dreams, but making the decision to do so out of love. Not having the desire to fulfill your husband's needs is an excellent path to divorce.

In no way does this mean being submissive. Wives that believe so have already lost or stopped loving their husband a long time ago. Your husband doesn't need you to be submissive. He needs to feel that your energy desires him as a man.

On average, below are the 5 basic needs that most men desire. Not having these needs fulfilled generally leads to cheating or divorce. You'll be surprised at how some of these are actually natural aphrodisiacs for married men.

Recreational Companionship

I bet you can't remember they last time you did something with your husband that he enjoys doing. That's awesome if you can, but a lot of wives make this mistake. Just because your husband is smiling and joking with you while shopping, it doesn't mean he's actually enjoying himself.

What are your husband's hobbies? What does he consider fun? Try asking him and don't let him get away with a lie. A lot of husbands will lie about what they really like doing to avoid an argument or being judged.

Spend time with him doing the things that he enjoys and he will gladly appreciate spending more time with you doing the things that you love. A powerful aphrodisiac for men is a woman that enjoys what he does.

Sexual Fulfillment

This is the most important need from the 5 basic necessities. It's in a man's DNA to have sex as much as possible. This is scary for a lot of married women.

The fear that another woman will steal their man away because they can't satisfy him enough is very real and common fear. Do you even know how many times a day or a week or in a month your husband needs sex? Before you freak out, just ask him.

If his sexual frequency is too high for you, you still don't have anything to worry about. Your body is a treasure chest of love making. It doesn't have to always be about vaginal or anal penetration. If you're too tired or always tired, then get creative.

To name a few, never forget about your hands, mouth, and feet. You can keep your man satisfied with very little effort on your part even if you're dead tired. This certainly isn't an excuse to always be a dead fish, but when you're not in the mood for the usual penetration, you have plenty of options to give him the release he needs.


A lot of what a man goes through can go unrecognized or unappreciated. Maybe he's in school for higher education to build a better future. Maybe he's working hard to get his business off the ground. Maybe he works long hours to help put food on the table. Maybe he's being patient by putting up with the stress of helping out your family members that can't provide for themselves.

The question is, how are you showing your appreciation? Words are OK, but an emotional felt expression is better. Instead of just telling him that you appreciate what he's doing, try doing so sincerely with a romantic hug. Him holding you from behind in a hot tube over wine as you tell him so would be even better.

Domestic Support

Your husband needs to feel like he's contributing to a well organized home. When things are messy at home, it clutters the mind and minimizes achieving goals. Your home environment has a significant influence on your behavior.

Your husband wants to share household chores to keep things in order. Define and assign responsibilities as needed to keep a home clean and clutter free. Not having to worry about a messy home is another natural aphrodisiac for most men.

It certainly is more work to clean up when guests are stopping by. "If you stay ready, you don't need to get ready" - Will Smith.

An Attractive Wife

Schedule time to take care of yourself. Remember, your husband still holds on to the attraction from when he first met you. You may think you're no longer attractive, but he sure as hell still does.

Give him visual reminders of your attractiveness by start being the better version of yourself. Look at what you can improve and do so. Need better clothes? Buy them. Need to lose weight? Diet and exercise. Need a better attitude? Start following your dreams.

To get your sexy back, use my Sexy Grocery Store Technique. Walk into any grocery store and look around at the women. You'll notice that most of them rarely stand out and that may include you.

Now the question becomes, what can you do to look a little better than those women? This same technique can be applied anywhere. Visual attractiveness will always be important, but what's more attractive is a wife that's trying to better herself.

Another natural aphrodisiac for most husbands is knowing that their wife is trying to better themselves for him.

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