Privacy Policy


Life Element, Inc. may be referenced in this document as "Life Element", "LE", "the company", "service" "we", "us", "our", or "this site". The context of a sentence shall imply such if used. Life Element is a service that promotes relationship advice or relationship solutions. While using this service, you (i.e., the user) may be presented with offers that may either be resources of the company, a partner or a third-party affiliate of the company.

The following data may be collected:

  • E-mail Address
  • IP Address
  • Referred Source

E-mail addresses are collected for any subscriptions you opt-in to. All subscription services shall provide means for you to unsubscribe if you so choose. This data is used for internal purposes only and shall not be sold to third-party entities. If you feel your privacy has been violated, you should contact us immediately so that we may launch a full investigation. We take your privacy seriously. IP addresses are collected to monitor healthy and malicious traffic for internal analytics. Healthy traffic are from users with good intensions while malicious traffic is from sources attempting to use our service with malicious intent. For your protection and ours, we monitor both to determine traffic validity. Referred sources are resources that ultimately lead you to our site. If present, these resources would be from social media, advertisement campaigns or third-party affiliates. This data is used internally for affiliation analytic purposes.

LE is not in the business of selling your information by any means. Your e-mail nor your IP address information is sold. We may use reputable analytic platforms such as Google or Facebook, which may track your usage of this site. Regardless, no personal identifiable information is ever obtained by any of these reputable platforms. They may only collect data for us to determine how to better serve you.

We reserve the right to change this privacy policy at any time. The date of this document denotes when this policy was released.

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