Language of Lust Review and Bonuses

Language of Lust by Lawrence Lanoff


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“In 3 weeks, I pulled a model and 2 strippers with this knowledge.” - R.D.

What is it?

The Language of Lust is a step-by-step survival guide that teaches men how to sexually attract females. The Language of Lust trains men how to get laid by the girl of their dreams and how to intensify the sexual energy in their relationship. This is accomplished through 5 years of research and practice from the creator Lawrence Lanoff.

Product Review

Hello folks. Tre Revilo here. To be honest, the Language of Lust sounded like complete bullshit at first. We review a lot of relationship products at Life Element, so naturally we have this impression of most products. Once again, putting the bullshit assumptions aside, we put it to the test with a number of male subjects.

The video sales letter (VSL) is a bit much, but it's designed to sale. To our surprise, the actual product material is very solid. Lawrence eloquently and logically breaks down the secret codes of women by taking a deep dive into their sexual psychology.

When he says he learned "what women really want from men but refuse to tell us", it only makes sense once you learn these secrets. It takes a lot of work for women to even think about talking about this stuff, so they naturally gravitate towards men that already know them.

Get your Language of Lust copy here.

We tried to find these secrets online for free, but nothing to this level of detail and quality exists. That's because those free sources usually have expensive classes they want you to join, so they only give you breadcrumbs. Those sources don't actually give you the full perspective.

We like that the Language of Lust is not a pickup artist training course. Yes, it can be used in that way, but it's genuinely so much more. This product cleverly trains a man's mind to be an abundant male figure in life. Being an abundant male that just knows how to attract interest from any woman is what the world needs.

The only reason we gave this a 4.5 instead of 5.0 stars is because there are one-time upsale offers once you checkout that are too wordy. Those upsales are quite valuable, but if you're busy like we are, it's not something you want to read through after making a purchase.

The first upsale had a short video explaining it, which we really appreciate, but the others didn't. After making purchases, we don't like anything too wordy regardless of how valuable it is.

To be honest, you're better off just accepting those upsales because they touch on subjects every man needs in their arsenal. We've been invited to review relationship courses for men that cost thousands. Looking back, those courses are missing the soulfulness taught in the Language of Lust. It won't be long before pickup artists start using the Language of Lust because there is no way they can resist not learning these secrets in order to stay competitive.

Language of Lust Contents

Below is the complete list of content, at the time of writing, that comes with the Language of Lust. This does not include the contents of the upsale products. No we're not going to talk about these in detail. You'll need to buy the product.

  • Becoming a Sexual Superhero
    • Quick Start
    • Understanding the Madonna Whore Complex
    • Dirty with Respect
    • The Secret Power of S.L.U.T.
    • Meditation
  • Secrets of Female Sexual Psychology
    • Quick Start
    • How To Handle Pleasure Resistance
    • Love Her Body. Love Her Vagina.
    • The New Casual Sex
  • Brain Chemistry and Sex
    • Quick Start
    • The Reward System: Desire, Sex and the Primitive Brain
    • Pavlov's Pussy
    • The Sexual Singularity
  • The Language of Lust
    • The Essential Keys to Language
    • Getting Her Addicted To You
    • Suggest and Direct
    • Talk to Her Animal
  • Lust Intensifiers
    • Quick Start
    • The Emotional Revenge Method
    • Head Games Role Playing: The Kink Exposure Method
    • Oral Intensifier
    • Get To Know Her Inner World
  • Erotic Porn Script Technique
    • Quick Start
    • Porn Script Delivery
    • Writer, Director, Porn Star
    • Directing Your Own Porn
  • Getting Your Fantasies Met (With Her Thinking It's Her Idea)
    • Quick Start
    • Planting Johnny Apple Seeds of Desire
    • Toys, Condoms and Lube, Oh My!
    • The Just Coffee Mind Fuck
    • The Lust Mirror
  • Deliciously Dirty from a Distance
    • Quick Start
    • The SMARTS Method of Resurrecting Your Sex Life
    • Erotic Hypnosis
    • The Power of Turned On Technology
  • Language of Lust Mastery
    • Easy Erotic Hypnosis Mastery
    • What To Do If She's A Cold Fish
    • The Bonding Chemical
    • Expanding Pleasure: Law of Compounding Pleasure
    • Challenging Her Sexual Self Esteem To Grow Forever

Language of Lust Bonuses

Everybody loves free things. The Language of Lust gives you five.

  • Unlocking the Threesome Code
    • Hour long discusion with Lawrence speaking on the truth about getting the threesomes you desire.
  • Porn is Bad - At Teaching Us About Great Sex. How To Reframe Porn.
    • Explains how porn will give you a misguided view when using those techniques in real life.
  • Dirty Texting
    • Here are over 200 sexy text messages and conversation starters for you to use.
  • 30 Minutes in Heaven
    • Learn how to give a woman a mind-blowing sexual experience that she will never forget.
  • The Power of Eye Gazing
    • Use this Tantric practice with your mate that is said to help you go beyond each other's physical self.


We approve. There isn't a single man that can't benefit from this knowledge. Some titles seem self explanatory, but they will fool you. You won't understand what they truly mean until you consume the material.

Buy the Language of Lust and take your time during the checkout process. Once you have the material, consume it 20 to 30 minutes at a time. Don't fight the lessons, just flow with it. Doing so will change your approach to women and life for the better.

Well Live and Learn,

Tre Revilo
Solutions Enthusiast

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