is The World's 1st Automated Solution for Sexless Marriages

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Atlanta, GA, September 13, 2019 - Life Element, a relationship solutions company, formally announces the world's 1st automated service for keeping a marriage's love life active. The service is called "Love Throb" and it aims to resurrect marriages that often go through undesirable dry spells. The service spontaneously sends invitations to married couples for making love. Invites reveal who will be the initiator for that date, so that a couple fairly takes turns seducing each other to prevent feelings of unappreciation.

"Since the conception of marriage, couples have individually passed down the hurtful insight that sex stops after marriage. Figuratively, this is true and now there's a solution. Love Throb works because it allows couples that are stuck in a rut to mentally and physically connect more consistently in a way that feels random. We call it, 'Spontaneous Scheduling'." says CEO, Roy Oliver.

The service is free during this experimental phase. Once feedback is analyzed from early adopters, the company will decide in what direction Love Throb should grow. Early adopters of the service may receive a one-time offer once the experimental phase ends. For now, the service sends invites every 3 to 5 days. During trials, this was the most comfortable range for couples wanting to rekindle their love life. At any time a couple can pause the service and resume it later.

Roy says, "It's no secret that marriage is hard. The root cause of divorce is becoming disconnected. When a couple becomes disconnected, they rarely make love. They fall into a vicious cycle of negativity that prevent each other from being approachable. It becomes a waiting game of who will initiate breaking the cycle first. Unfortunately, this cycle is sometimes broken with divorce papers. Love Throb is designed to keep couples connected. The more they connect, then the more opportunities they have to enhance chemistry and communication." Interstered couples are encouraged to visit to learn more.

Life Element is a company interested in producing solutions that benefit committed relationships. After publishing a few articles with over 138,000 views, it was decided that it was time to fully pursue developing software solutions. The company's primary objective is determining new solutions for decreasing the national divorce rate. Their secondary objective is publishing content that helps relationships address difficult issues.

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