How To Shut Your Wife Up From Feeling Unappreciated

Women Leave Now

This material is for men only. Women, I suggest you leave immediately, so that you don't get your baby feelings hurt. Then again, if you're tough enough, stick around. This lesson has been crafted to communicate to a man's mind in only a way he can relate and feel. Even though this communication style isn't to your liking, this lesson will transform your relationship into what you secretly desire. You'll be well served to share this with your man, if you're brave enough.

Sound Familiar?

You're home after another long soul crushing day at work. Being that your life is beyond boring, you try to escape reality by watching TV. As you're trying to enjoy what little time you have before another day starts, here she comes with that something-is-about-to-happen energy. She too has had a rough day because she too hates her job.

While venting about work and family as usual, this time she finds a way to indirectly make everything your fault. Somehow, her not being able to follow her dreams turns into her not feeling appreciated by you. At this point you wish you had the balls to kill yourself. Since you don't, you just let the baby cry like those annoying parents do with their kids in restaurants. Your only comfort is knowing that it will end in a few hours. Congratulations! Another day has been ruined just when you thought it was going to be typical.

Feeling Unappreciated

There's a secret weapon that I will share with you for shutting your wife up about feeling unappreciated. Women will have you believing that men are terrible communicators, which is insanely false. At times in long term relationships, both men and women will go through cycles of feeling unappreciated. This is normal. Women just vent more than men, which gives the illusion that they are superior communicators.

Let's talk about what's not going to happen. You're not going to have the ability to read her mind because that's impossible. You're not going to tell her, "thank you" every time she washes clothes or cooks dinner. You're not going to tell her that you appreciate her getting the mail every single time. You're not going to tell her, "thanks" for making sure the bills get paid on time. It's just not going to happen. But guess what? That's not actually what she wants.

As shitty as your life is, the only thing you want is to make love to her over and over again. This is the only thing that makes you feel amazing and alive to continue tolerating life. Even though she can't read your mind either, she already knows this about you. She knows that the only thing you truly appreciate is making love, but she doesn't give a damn about that. She used to before marriage, which is why you married her, but now things are different.

Why? Because she has too many responsibilities and doesn't have the mental fortitude to give you what you really want. The same is true for you also. Because of your boring unfulfilled life, you lack the mental real estate to magically be romantic like you used to. So here we are. You hardly get what you want and she barely gets what she wants because both of you are unsatisfied with what you're not getting. While you're trying to convince yourself to accept this boring life, she's going to come out like a bat outta hell with all these feelings. And you have to sit there like a child being fussed at for bringing home a failing grade. Marriage is awesome. Just another day in paradise.

What's The Secret?

She feels like she has too many responsibilities. Regardless of what stress and responsibilities you have, it doesn't matter. It just doesn't. Forget about your hopes and dreams. Screw your stress and the bullshit you have to go through. You need to accept that. Your life of chilling and relaxing was over the minute you said, "I do."

She'll never admit this, but she truly doesn't care about you telling her that you appreciate her. She doesn't. It sounds awful, but it's the honest truth. If you manage to tell her, "thank you" and that you appreciate her every single time she does something, it still won't matter in the slightest. Why? Because she can't truly feel those words. She still has the same responsibilities that make her feel unappreciated.

The secret is to take her power away. BE THE MAN and TAKE THE FUCKING LEAD. It's your show. She's just along to enjoy the ride.

Remove her power to complain about feeling unappreciated by forcibly taking on her responsibilities one at a time. Oddly enough, this will have an illogical reaction. Shocker. She will then begin to feel threaten and make excuses as to why you can't. At all costs she must be ignored. If things get too fussy, trick her by telling her that you're just going to handle things this month. When the next month comes, just keep on going. She will soon get used to releasing that power to you.

One by one, slowly take over as many of her responsibilities as you can. With you now doing all the work, there is nothing for her to feel unappreciated about. Your life is already shit and unfulfilled. You might as well take the lead and pile on more shit to prevent worse shit from happening. Why? Because you're THE MAN. Take the lead and shut her up.

This act frees her to now think about sex. She'll start to feel completely useless and the only solution to that is to give you more sex. A win-win situation my friend. Now if she still doesn't have sex with you, then you have every right to seek the fun that you deserve elsewhere.

Well Live and Learn,

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