How Meghan Trainor Views Marriage

Dear Future Husband, Are You Dumb Enough?

Never in your life accept marriage advice from Meghan Trainor. Who is she? You know the girl that brought you All About That Bass. Phrased differently, never accept marriage advice from someone that's never been married. She has another popular song called, "Dear Future Husband". Coming from a blissfully ignorant mind, it has great intentions, but very poisonous to young girls hoping to get married someday. I'm all for girl power, but this song will cause her young female fans to be divorced within 2 years.

I'm uncertain what percentage of her fan base is actually female, but with her first hit having over a billion views on YouTube, I think it's safe to say it's more than a little bit. The song is supposed to be about her as a modern day single woman that works a 9-to-5 and doesn't know how to cook. The entire basis of her song revolves around what Seal said on the Oprah Show some time in 2008: Happy Wife, Happy Life. You may remember that he was married to Heidi Klum.

In 2012, they divorced. Why? Because "Happy Wife, Happy Life" has always been a bullshit notion that nearly always leads to marital problems. Meghan Trainor, in her song says, "After every fight - just apologize - and [maybe then] I'll let you try and rock my body right." Meghan Trainor continues to say, "Even if I was wrong, you know I'm [never] wrong. Why disagree? Why Why disagree?" Oh yeah, she also wants to be treated like a lady when she's acting crazy.

Wow, so basically she's another control freak that wants a dumb ass robot for a husband. As long as he apologizes, regardless if she's wrong and doesn't voice his opinion, then he'll have a Happy Wife in return for a Happy Life. Yeah so fuck his happiness and needs. It's all about her.

Boys and girls let me tell you how this plays out in the real world. Let me tell you what happens when it's all about her. These type of women can never comprehend when their husband starts to regret marriage.

Husbands in these type of relationships nearly always seek unhealthy outlets because they no longer feel like The Man. They turn to other women, strip clubs, bars, alcohol, weed, and old single friends that are always up to no good. All of which could ultimately lead to couples counseling, infidelity, and divorce.

You see boys and girls, a real man doesn't want to control his woman. He wants to respect her as his equal. Sure there will be arguments and times of catastrophic miscommunication, but that is normal and will happen. Great marriages are built from hard work and dedication.

If you're not dedicated to trying to understand your mate's way of thinking and their needs, then marriage isn't for you. Men and women do indeed think differently, so there will be many clashes. If you can't accept the fact that you will need to respect some of their unfavorable ways, then marriage isn't for you. There will be things that you won't fully agree with, but in the grand scheme of things, those same things aren't really a big deal.

Meghan Trainor has a couple of positive lines in Dear Future Husband. It's not all bad. Future married couples just need a dose of reality though. The concept of Happy Wife, Happy Life is as poisonous as ISIS. Marriage is all about the needs of two people. Not just one. Isn't that right Heidi and Seal?

Well Live and Learn

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