Why Every Husband Needs A Side Bitch

Truth Revealed From Over 700 Married Men Surveyed

Everything that both men and women fear about marriage is true. Within this rubble of gems lies the truth about how married men truly feel about their marriage. For the list of surveyed questions, scroll to the bottom. If you want to protect your marriage, however, read this article in its entirety. DON'T BECOME A STATISTIC! This is a must read for all men and women. The clever side bitch title is not as it seems.

The Illusion of Control

What do dolls and zoo animals have in common? They are figures being used to feed the illusion of control to stakeholders. Whether it's a 5 year-old playing with dolls or a multi-millionaire zoo owner, they both assume they have control over another's future. Some kids eventually grow up to realize that the only thing they can control is themselves. Others grow up, however, thinking they can control others to their liking. No different than parents that force their kids to become doctors. No different than lazy humans that build generational wealth by using slaves. No different than a spouse that lured a mate into marriage only to change their behavior shortly after.

Unlike dolls, zoo animals are more prone to lash out rightfully so. Should an opportune time for seeking their revenge against their oppressor(s) arise, they will take it. Every intelligent being knows that there is nothing natural about a zoo. In every case when a human was attacked by a zoo animal, point the finger at the stakeholders. Because of their desire to capture and control a beast, others have suffered from something that should have never happened in the first place.

Controlled Against Their Will

So what does this have anything to do with a married man? According to the survey that's about to be revealed, married men in general feel like caged zoo animals. They feel as though their wife is purposely preventing them from enjoying the relationship in a way that only a man can truly appreciate. In other words, having their life controlled against their will. A binding contract has a funny way of inducing that feeling when the quality of service declines.

Keep reading. This article is not entirely as it seems. Heterosexual women are going to learn the secrets to protecting their relationship and their heart. Heterosexual men are going to learn how to channel their most common disappointments in marriage to prevent infidelity. Even though it is in a man's nature to fuck as many women as possible, here we will learn how to prevent that from happening.

It is not enough to tell someone that both members of the relationship are responsible for each other's happiness. That doesn't tell them how to go about it. Here you will learn the hard truth with a heavy dose of reality. Also, for the sensitive cry-babies of the world, there are some generalizations thrown around in this article for comical effect even though they are mostly true. If you are easily offended, I am not sorry.

The Experiment

After campaigning a simple ad questionnaire on social media that targeted married men between the ages of 25 and 65, over 700 responses were received from those that have been married for 5+ years. The questions focused on how married men honestly felt about their marriage and their level of satisfaction with their wife. The results did not surprise me in the least. For married women, however, I do believe these results would be shocking. Men in general are notoriously bad at communicating their feelings. The entire world knows this, but in the presence of other married men, it may be less known that they complain and cry about the same exact relationship problems.

The ad campaign ran all of February 2018. To summarize one result, nearly 81% of the men were secretly in pain and it had absolutely nothing to do with finding a gift for Valentine’s Day (February 14th). That means the other 19% seem to have it made, but from my research, that percentage of men had go through pure hell and back to obtain it. Interestingly though, when asked, “Knowing what you now, would you marry your wife again?” the answer was “no” from 63%. That is an absolute tragedy.

The Ticking Time Bomb

Married men are suffering in their marriage with a fake smile. Their nature is being suppressed against their will because they are often made to feel ashamed for being a man. They are made to feel ashamed for speaking their truth. After all, how dare a man want to have hot sexy porno sex all the time with the woman he married!? How rude and inconsiderate!? Joking aside, those questions sound stupid, right? Of course they do, yet married men are being groomed by women to feel guilty about it because those women aren't built that way.

Married men feel no different than a caged zoo animal being taught tricks for the amusement of another. They have become so well trained that collectively they know to never bring up such matters to their oppressor. Men feel in doing so will only lead to an argument and no man has the mental fortitude to enjoy an illogical argument. Instinctively, females seem to know this. Only married men understand what each other are going through. Worse is that none of them have the solution other than banging side-bitches, doing drugs, and drinking alcohol. All bad things.

Women are right about all men being liars. They have to be in order to not get fussed at for being who they really are. Every married man knows the game of Picking Your Battles all too well.

Why Do Men Get Married?

To have the power to bang a beautifully spirited woman every night for all eternity is the reason why men get married. That is the truth men have been trained not to admit. All the love crap comes second. Sex will always comes first to a man. Sex is the oil that keeps a man going. In the 1939 classic The Wizard of Oz, the Tin Man could not do a damn thing until Dorothy came along with that oil.

Now when a woman reads this, she's thinking, "So you're saying men don't really love the woman they're marrying?" Of course they love her! The man believes he has found a woman worthy enough to enjoy his life with forever. Not someone to be mostly bored with forever.

When over 700 married men were asked if they have been sexually frustrated with their wife, 100% admitted yes. The 81% mentioned prior were the ones currently sexually frustrated in their marriage. Again, not surprising to me, but this is more than likely shocking to married women who live in lala-land.

No man gets married with the thought of being in a sexless marriage. No man wants to marry a woman that will stop having sex. For a married man, having sex 1 to 3 times a month is the same as not having sex at all. A man wants to do all the nasty things that he sees in porn within reason. Why? BECAUSE HE IS A FUCKIN’ MAN. A wild animal that will eventually lash out when caged. The scary part is that when he does, the wife will not have a clue until it's too late. All because his nature is being denied the right to be free. Being bored, locked up, and angry everyday is no way to live.

The Married Man's Problem

The way in which a married woman feels and communicates is a real problem for a married man. That's because every woman changes after marriage and the husband never sees it coming. Even worse, the excuses for the change is NEVER good enough for the man.

Do these excuses sound familiar?

  • I'm tired.
  • I'm stressed.
  • I feel fat.
  • I don't feel attractive.
  • I haven't showered.
  • I'm not in the mood.
  • I don't know what I'm doing with my life.
  • I'm a mother now.
  • Not while the kids are in the house.

This is what makes side-bitches so damn dangerous and you know exactly the type I'm talking about. Instagram and Twitter are saturated with them. They love the fast life and don't care who they piss off in the process. They let it be known that they are all about having fun and being free 24/7. Sure they have responsibilities, but by the way they carry themselves, they can fool you into thinking otherwise.

After many conversations with married men that have crossed over into the dark side, I have learned that a side-bitch NEVER has an excuse. They are always ready to make a man feel like a man. They crave it. Never does the man have to ask them for anything. The side-bitch just does everything he enjoys with a lustful smile. I suspect they enjoy having power the wife doesn't.

Prior to this research, I was under the impression that side-bitches eventually want to become the wife, but that is less true. It seems these side-bitches mainly want to have fun doing something that they shouldn't be doing.

Apparently, before marriage a woman is amazing, which is why the man married her. No side-bitch can touch her beauty and grace. She is always horny, comical, and pleasant to be around because she is more affectionately spontaneous. Come two years after marriage though, there appears to be something in a woman’s nature that goes in the opposite direction of the temptress she used to be. No longer is she fun, spontaneous, nor horny. Of course she will be good for a few times here and there, but nothing like before.

Why is that? I have no fuckin’ idea, so perhaps I’ll ask women why that is in another ad campaign. I speculate, however, that their sexual-survival mechanism begins to drastically decline after marriage. In some backwards logic behind the scenes, they only needed to be sexy enough for capturing the man. Now that he has been caught, game over. This can trigger men to be extremely boring and hate life with no romantic inspiration. This is 100 times worse, if the couple has parents or in-laws living with them due to some tragic misfortune. Nothing destroys romance like a parent or two in the home.

This metamorphosis is extremely frustrating and confusing to men. Commonly at this point they will begin to feel trapped as the cheaper-to-keep-her mentality sets in. Once a married man realizes that all the stories he heard from other married men are actually true, he is now in a vulnerable and self-destructive space. He becomes alone with no tools for handling a situation that he never thought he would be in. This is the perfect opportunity for side-bitches to fill his void and that void will be filled one way or another.

The Married Man Solution

Get a side-bitch. Every married man needs a side-bitch to cope with the stresses headed his way, but not an actual female though. A side-bitch as in a positive side project. Something passionate that makes him feel alive. A side-bitch is nothing more than an exciting side project. Something that keeps his mind occupied from the lack of sex while at the same time producing something of value.

Redefining what a side-bitch is will help fill the void of a man's sexual frustrations to a degree. The trick is to focus on that passion project long enough for the wife to be ready for sex. Starting a business, writing a book, learning DIY interior design, or bodybuilding are good examples of replacing that negative stress. Anything that keeps a husband from cheating on his wife is a good thing. Cheating, abusing drugs and too much alcohol is just a cry for help that will lead to nowhere valuable.

Men have to give in and accept that a woman’s nature will change after marriage. He has to accept that she will become boring by no intentional fault of her own. It will naturally happen and there isn't a damn thing that can be done about it. Every married man has passed down these stories for generations, so this is really nothing new. Undoubtedly, the real reason men fall into this trap is because they believe that they are special.

Even though they have been warned by countless married men, these fools begin to fantasize that they somehow have the one woman in the world that will never change after marriage. Your wife’s biology is nothing special and she will change. No offense. Just accept it. Get a passionate side project as you continue to randomly watch porn while masturbating in secret. Cheating on your wife is not worth it. She can't keep up with you sexually and that's the way it is. Even if you married another woman, she would eventually turnout to be the same way as your wife. Speaking of porn, did you know that you can get paid to watch porn? Checkout the Vice Token.

After a husband has learned to cope with this tragedy, he needs to do a self assessment. He needs to ask himself, "Have I changed after marriage? Did I change in a way that triggered my wife's change?" To put it bluntly, if he changed in appearance, then that may result in his wife losing her sexual drive. For example, a change in weight or his style. If the man strongly suspects that his wife's sexual habits took a dive because of him, then he needs to test that theory. Before blaming her, he needs to rule himself out as the cause through an honest assessment.

The Married Woman Solution

Accept that a man wants to fuck every single day. He won't say it, but his wife is the only thing that can bring him true happiness. Regardless of how fat or unattractive she feels, to him she is the most beautiful woman in the world. Ladies need to accept that being and feeling sexy is a state of mind. It's about projecting sexually confident mannerisms. This is why side-bitches can easily steal a vulnerable husband because they understand this. Those type of women have a mind that thinks more freely.

NO MARRIED MAN WANTS TO FUCK ANOTHER WOMAN. Not one, but that doesn't mean that he won't. Imagine a starving abused dog being kept in a home with poor living conditions. Now imagine that dog has been trained not to eat from strangers regardless of how hungry. If that dog should ever escape captivity and it sees a stranger that wants to give it a fat, buttery, and juicy steak, what do you think the dogs is going to do?

There is a POWERFUL TRICK that a married woman can do that will fool her husband into thinking their sex life is amazing. This trick is so powerful because the wife does not even have to have sex as much as before marriage. She just has to perform this trick every once in a while. That trick is to spontaneously seduce her husband and make him cum. It should feel like a surprise. Something that he never has to ask for. Something that he didn't see coming. You have to tap into the mind of a side-bitch in order to beat these side-bitches at their own game.

There are 10 fuckable places on a woman’s body, assuming she has all her limbs. That's 10 tools in a woman's arsenal to make her husband cum. In the spirit of exploration, I will not list them here, but trust me when I tell you that they are there. If women want their husband to be more romantic, loving, and considerate then they need keep that Tin Man oiled up. Only a woman’s love and sexual powers can inspire a man to do great things.

Lastly, women should NEVER have sex with their husband, if they are not into it. A husband may never tell his wife this for obvious reason, but he can always tell. A husband desires for his wife to want sex. If he feels as though it's a choir for her, he will become vulnerable and easy prey for a side-bitch.

Signs That A Husband Is About To Cheat

Here's what I learned. Have you heard cases where a victim of a cheating spouse claims there weren't any signs? That is a lie. The signs are there. Unfortunately, their mind just refused to accepted it or follow-up on it. Here's some of those signs.

  • No longer tries to have sex.
  • No longer feels on her body with lustful intent.
  • No longer playful.
  • No longer smiles at her sense of humor.
  • Stopped flirting.
  • Has no desire to speak as before.
  • Can tell his wife doesn't crave sex.
  • Always has a disappointed glare in his eyes.
  • The woman did nothing to change after her husband expressed concern.
  • Rather spend more time with friends.
  • Rather be at work later than usual.
  • Becomes unnecessarily mean and easily irritated.
  • Frequently mentions her bad habbits.
  • A drastic life changing decision is made without his input.
  • The woman never listens nor accepts his point of view.
  • The woman never gives his solutions a try.

The Questionnaire Results

Over 700 men that have been married for 5+ years were asked various questions regarding their relationship satisfaction. Below are the results from the research.

  • Have you experienced sexual frustration while married?
    • Yes - 100%
    • No - 0%
  • Are you currently satisfied with your sex life?
    • Yes - 19%
    • No - 81%
  • Knowing what you now, would you marry your wife again?
    • Yes - 37%
    • No - 63%
  • How many days per week do you want to have sex?
    • 1 - 5%
    • 2 - 8%
    • 3 - 51%
    • 4 - 13%
    • 5 - 9%
    • 6 - 6%
    • 7 - 8%
    • Don't Care - 0%
  • If you cheated, was it worth it?
    • Yes - 2%
    • No - 76%
    • Have Not Cheated - 22%
  • Would you be more romantic if you had a better sex life?
    • Yes - 69%
    • Maybe - 15%
    • No - 4%
    • Don't Care - 9%
    • No Answer - 3%
  • Have you cheated on your wife from lack of sex?
    • Yes - 78%
    • No - 0%
    • Have Not Cheated - 22%
  • Do you currently have a side-bitch for your sexual pleasure?
    • Yes - 26%
    • No - 74%
  • Have you expressed your sexual needs to your wife?
    • Yes - 95%
    • No - 5%
  • Do you enjoy having sex with your wife?
    • Yes - 82%
    • No - 1%
    • Not Anymore - 17%
  • When did your wife's sexual activity decline after marriage?
    • 1 to 2 Years - 86%
    • 3 to 4 Years - 13%
    • 5 to 6 Years - 1%
    • Greater Than 6 Years - 0%
    • Never - 0%
  • How long did it take to reach a decently compromised sex life after marriage?
    • 1 to 2 Years - 3%
    • 3 to 4 Years - 2%
    • 5 to 6 Years - 10%
    • Greater Than 6 Years - 0%
    • Still Waiting - 85%
    • No Problems Here - 0%

Well Live and Learn

Author, Tre Revilo, is a writer and solutions enthusiast for Life Element. He is well aware that his style is an acquired taste and that his brutally honest delivery isn't for everyone. If you enjoy talking about traveling, investing, flirting, dating or relationship issues, he's your dude. The opinions of writers do not reflect those of the company. We certainly do appreciate, however, their research and unique perspectives.

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