5 Reasons You Should Have Sex With Your Husband Every Night

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Know Thyself

It is easy for any woman with multiple responsibilities to lose her femininity. You do so much for other people that you often forget to take time for yourself. Before you know it, you're stuck in an endless cycle of stress to where you don't even remember how to have fun. You build up a wall and reject any joy because you stopped caring about yourself.

Everyday you need the ultimate stress relief. A glass of wine can't give it to you nor can a bowl of marijuana. An orgasm is the only thing that can give you that release. Your husband is a treasure chest of tools. When one fails, he has others to please you with.

Orgasms remind you that you are an attractive and sexy woman. It gives you the energy to stay fit and stylish as you conquer the world. Don't feel bad about being selfish. Your husband is there for you to use, so use him.

Big Return On Investment (ROI)

When you make the decision to invest in your happiness, magic happens. All of a sudden the lame boring husband you had turns into Superman. No offense, but men are just too damn simple. They don't become heroes until a woman inspires them to be.

By using your husband to please yourself every night, your husband will feel more useful than ever. He will be inspired to do more for you. If you want a husband that randomly gives you gifts, plans dates, or vacation getaways, then have sex every night. By using him to please yourself every night, you'll always be on his mind even when another attractive woman crosses his path. Your husband won't even glance at another woman because he finally realizes he married Superwoman.

Quality Time (QT)

Society has been brainwashed to think it needs to waste money in order to spend quality time with their significant other. Quality time isn't about going on picnics, to the movies, shopping, or out to dinner. Quality time is about connecting to one another.

There is no greater form of communication than sex. Everything else is just secondary when you are married. You can't make a baby with words nor can you orgasm by talking.

Your husband is not going to give a shit about having a verbal stimulating conversation, if he feels his sex life is worthless. If you want the secondary forms of communication to be amazing, then make sure you have the primary form on lock.

No Jail Time

Did you know that you can be sexually frustrated without even knowing it? You'd be surprise at how many cases of women went to jail or prison because they snapped from being sexually frustrated. It's actually very scary. Imagine waking up for your usual stressful routine, but by the end day you're in handcuffs. All because you stabbed someone in the throat for giving you an attitude. Had your husband given you an orgasm last night, you would of been more calm and ready for a night of angry sex.

Conquer Fear

Taking control to please yourself will program your mind to conquer anything holding you back. A common psychological barrier with achieving greatness is fear. Do I deserve to be great? Do I deserve to be rich? Could I still achieve my dreams at this age? These are common fears holding millions of people back from achieving their goals.

You can't reach your dreams if you don't have the mindset of a champion. Champions work hard and achieve success because they have the mentality to do so. If there's a personal goal you want to accomplish but your fear is holding you back, conquer that fear by making the decision to always please your mind, body, and spirit.

Immediately after experiencing the ultimate pleasure, that fear no longer exists for a span of time. You feel invincible. In that span of time, make the decision to move forward with your goals.

When you constantly feel invincible, there is nothing that can stand in your way. When a woman has the mind of a champion, she will go far beyond what she thought was possible.

Well Live and Learn

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