STD Color Changing Condoms

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Haven't you always wanted to know if the person you're about to pound on has an STD? For most, that wonder doesn't last long because for whatever reason, your desire makes you feel comfortable enough to take the risk anyway. Even if they told you they were clean, they could very well be lying about not having an STD or perhaps they just don't know. Well some smart teens figured it out. Meet Daanyaal Ali, 14, Chirag Shah, 14, and Muaz Nawaz, 13.

They are students of Isaac Newton Academy in Ilford, Essex who simply wanted to create something most men have dreamed of for years, but were too busy to do anything about it. When you're a child with no job that you hate day-in and day-out, it's easy to make dreams become true and they did it.

They call it, "S.T.EYE". A built-in chemical on condoms to detect STD infections that changes color when an STD is detected. Ah, I can see it now. You find someone you really like. The chemistry is through the roof and before you know it you two are humping away.

In mid stroke, you catch a glimps of the condom changing color and all of a sudden somebody is about to get their ass beat, but this time with fists and possibly an elbow or two.

Do you want to know how this thing really got started? Checkout Develop the Next Generation of Condom.

Well Live and Learn

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